upcycling: dress to spring skirt

Hi there! Last week I didn’t post because I started to work in one of the most charged weeks of the academic year; evaluation week. So, here’s my spring upcycling for you.

Clothes long for soooo many years. When I was a teenager, I had a blue dress I loved. It was dark blue with thin bib suspenders and a pocket with white designs at the chest, the only thing that broke the monotonous blue. It was one of these comfy clothes that I wore no more due to aging, so I decided to turn it into a skirt.

First step: cutting the dress. This step made me feel sad, but I don’t regret doing it. Sometimes I’m afraid of upcycling, but eventually you love the final result, with more or less work. So, I put my dress on but at as a skirt, so I knew where to cut and sew the elastic band. It turned to be very easy to sew, though I’m not an experienced sewer.

Second step: to put some garment on. Once the skirt was sewn, I could have wore it, but I wanted to break this blue and add a touch of colour. I was attending an embroidery course, so I thought, after looking at all those old-fashioned flowers designs, thath I would do some butterflies. I finally found some that I loved and copied the design in silk paper. As I was doing it, all I was thinking was all the job left (I’m a little lazy), and the light bulb in my head turned on. I decided to copy the butterflies in felt, rather than embroider them directly. Sew them into the skirt, kind of ‘leaving / flying’ butterflies, and embroidered the border. Also embroidered the body and head.

One thing I haven’t planned but that I love, is the trimming I added at the bottom. Just opened my trim’s drawer, saw the colors and love it.

Leave you the photos and hope you’ve liked it.

vestido azul a falda1

vestido azul a falda2

vestido azul a falda3

vestido azul a falda4

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