improvised bag

Some time ago it was the birthday of a loved friend, and we bought her some books. And despite she already knew what it was (we prefer to buy something really needed rather than to buy some junk), we wanted to maintein the gift format or the surprise moment. We think that this world can’t go on like this, so we have been adopting some degrowth habits (rather than sustainables), and gifts aren’t gonna be excluded. We used to do like everyone does, we wrapped the gift and put on a loop (we haven’t still managed to get rid of it), but it really hurts to see the amount of wasted paper; gift paper is rarely kept.It will luckily end up in the recycling bin, but it means a huge waste of energy, so I improvised a useful wrap (I hope it will be useful in summer).

Thought and done! it took hardly an hour. I took some blue fabric for the inside and Ikea fabric for the outside(really improvised, no pattern used), and I remembered the great American invention: do your own fabric tape. So I cut a long and narrow piece of fabric, folded it in 4 parts and ironed it. Once ironed it’s really easy to sew the borders. The handle was placed between the inside and the outside, and the inside part was a little lower than the outside ‘coz I didn’t want it to be seen.

It’s no big deal, it’s a small handbag, but it’s cute and funny.



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2 Responses to improvised bag

  1. LubbyGirl says:

    Love this – the colors are so good for a small bag – and the liner color is one of my favorites. I make purses too, and have patterns but have not even opened them. I find so many ideas in my head that the patterns just get forgotten! 🙂

  2. Thank you =)
    The same happens to me, I have books and magazines, but never watch them, whenever an idea hits my head, I run and make it quick, and always forgot the patterns =)

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