March photo challenge

The best things are always the ones you haven’t planned, and I hope this to be true because this morning, when I openned my blog just to go on translating my second post, I found somebody liked my first one. So go on checking who this person had been (just for fun, my first visitor and my first like), I went to her blog and read her latest posts, and from the beginning the last one caught my eye. It’s about a photo challenge she has taken in february, so I went down looking for her other photo challenges’ posts. I have always liked this photo challenge posts, but I never thought of taking one of them, first of all, because I didn’t had a blog to post them, but also because I was afraid of showing myself too much. Maybe it’s time to take a step forward and try the march one she proposes from fatmumslim. I’ve read the rules, but I don’t even know if I had to inscribe myself in her blog or not. Let’s do it just for fun =)

I think I will post them weekly here but daily on my flickr and facebook account. I don’t want the blog to be full, I think it’s a way to make it grow, but that’s crazy to fill it just with photos when it’s meant to be to show things made with needles.

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