A new beginning

Some time ago I decided to start a blog to share all the stuff I’m making, but I opened it, wrote a post, it was all so well linked… but I left it because I enjoyed much more doing things than doing blogging job – taking and uploading photos and writing posts -. It seems that, once the days become longer, when the light takes more hours of the day, the laziness goes away.

On my first post I’d like to show my first steps. As you may see in my future posts, I’m one of those people who likes to learn a lot of new things but I’m not pretty constant. I didn’t knew even how to crochet a stitch! but now I love it and here I am, learning this and that. I’ve got nobody close to teach me -I’m away from my family-, so I learn from tutorials and videos on the web.

from tee to pillow

As I was figuring out how I wanted my blog to be, I came across pinterest, and thus, upcycling. I was fascinated by the idea of bringing old things to a new life, and that’s what I made with this tee-shirt (a gift from my French friends) that did no longer fit me (I’m not any more in the age of showing my belly). I didn’t want to get rid of it, but neither did I want to keep it in my closet as a souvenir, so I decided to make it a pillow case.

I also made this seat cover from the curtains’ leftovers (enoug to cover my 4 chairs).


This necklace was an attempt to make the necklaces I had seen on the web pulling balls inside a stocking. I’ll have to improve it.

And the last thing for this post is my first granny square.


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